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The Microscopy Capillary

    The excellence of science for the hair, the microscopy capillary is the deep analysis of the hair by a microscope. It's a unique concept by which we are capable of permannently and totally autonomously practicing an accurate analysis of the condition of the hair trough the help of a microscope.

    Of course once the analysis is carried out we advise you of a care unique to your hair, and we answer your needs.

    Dry and brittle hair, dull or without volume? Oily roots and dry ends? Dandruff, itchy or sensitive scalp? Hair loss?

    Brittle hair or hair loss? Dandruff or dehydration? Scalps greasy or acid attacks? Why is hair is dry? Dull? And lifeless? Why doesn't the perm hold? And blow drying? Why do the roots go greasy fast? Why do long haired people become so sensitive. As many question as you ask.

    A unique concept with deep care and fully customized, of a base of natural fruits extracts, of vegetable extracts from land or sea, peloids assets from high-tech scientific innovation. The alliance of science and nature are at your service.