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The vegetable dye


    Do you want to be natural and healthy ? The hair dye 100% vegetable labeled BIO orgnanic respects and cares for the hair.

    The vegetable dye constitutes of small pigments, it doesn't penetrate the hair fibers, it superimposes the natural colour, hydrates and improves the shine of hair by avoiding long term dryness.

    This dye is suitable for everyone but particularly for pregnant women, people suffering allergies or following chemotherapy. Particularly kind, the vegetable dye is tolerated by the scalps and body and the organism doesn't attack the hair structure because it contains no oxidants or chemical ingredients, simply plant based formulas.

    Ideal to enhance the natural colours and create beautiful highlights, the vegetable dye offers a full range of natural colours without root effect, with a good hold it works on white hair and gives light reflection.